open loop

3PM to 8PM
March 11, 2006
Grand Central Bar
659 Grand St, Brooklyn

Live electronic live looping, mixed live, of looped live and electronic instruments with live, electronic players playing live, and looped live and electronic instruments, mixed. Long live (that's "live" as in "live music" live not "live" as in "live or die" live) loops last longer than most long lasting live looping shows, lasting longer than four long loopy hours of looping length.

Musicians: please bring live electronic or electric or live looper instruments. Live electric and electronic instruments and voices will be mixed and looped and mixed. There will be microphones. There will be a 24-track mixing digital mixing board and the live loop live mix will be recorded mixed live direct to 24-bit digital, live in 125 minute continuous chunks.

Board arrives 2:30, musicians load-in at 3, loop starts about 3:30.

Directions: Take the L train to Lorimer Street in Brooklyn, walk down Union Av away from the Expressway, turn left on Grand St and walk three blocks to the Grand Central Bar, 659 Grand St, on the left side of the street.