What was open loop?

openLoop was live electronic looping of live and looped
live and electronic live looped instruments,
looped live in the East Village
live at Chama Teahouse in the East Village.

Over 80 performances, over 300 hours of live digital recordings,
dozens of performers and several audience members.

Original open loop site.
By Stv Jns.

One hour in the middle of a "random" open loop.
part 1 (alternate)
part 2 (alternate)

most recent open loop - 11 February, 2006
unedited master recordings

Please note: these are unedited master tapes.
There might be sudden surges in volume and some sections might be too soft.
Please exercise caution when listening to this material at high volume, especially in headphones.

part i starts with a 20-minute sound check and is less interesting than the others.
Generally, the material gets better as the show goes on.
soundcheck/part i (alternate)
part ii (alternate)
part iii (alternate)
part iv (alternate)
part v (alternate)